Five Storage Tips for Your Kitchen

Five Storage Tips for Your Kitchen

A kitchen is a very vital part of every household. No house is complete without a kitchen. Kitchens are where the magic of cooking takes place. Cooking is an essential part of everyone’s lives, and where do you cook? A kitchen! For kitchen work to be efficient, clean, and convenient, it must be organized. 

You have to have an organized kitchen that has dedicated spaces for ingredients, cutlery, and cookware so that when you are cooking, you know where to find everything you need to make the perfect dish. But it can be hard to organize a kitchen when you have so many ingredients, a load of pots, pans, knives, and spatulas. 

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So having organized storage spaces for your kitchen dedicated to specific kitchen items can help make it much cleaner, much more efficient, and convenient to cook in. Here, you will find five simple storage tips you can use to organize your kitchen to make it a much more organized space free of any clutter.

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Hanging Baskets 

Hanging baskets are not only functional and great for organizing a kitchen, but they are also visually pleasing that can allow you to give character to your cooking space. In addition, hanging baskets are great for fruits and vegetables; you can use them to store lots of them simultaneously, depending on the size and material of the basket.

There are various kitchen hanging baskets you can choose from that fit your kitchen and its needs. For example, layered wire baskets can hang up to three layers, making them fit to store heavier and larger goods such as watermelons, pineapples, gourds, and squash.

There are singular hanging wire baskets among the variety of hanging baskets perfect for hanging on walls near your cooking space to store essential ingredients such as cooking oil, salt, and seasonings.

Overhead Wall-Mounted Cupboards

Overhead wall-mounted cupboards are great to mount next to or under your range hoods. They are perfect for storing much-needed ingredients, cutlery, or cookware right where you need them, at arm’s reach. There are overhead wall-mounted cupboards that have single layers, while there are some with up to three layers that require a larger wall space but can store more items at a time.

From seasonings, commonly used kitchen ingredients, cutlery, and cookware, you can store them all in overhead wall mounted-cupboards. You can also opt for the cupboards with layers inside to store more in the same cabinet.

There are overhead wall-mounted cupboards with see-through glass doors that are great for showcasing the items inside to see everything you could need. Just imagine being in a rush and yet still need to prepare a dish for the family; the way your kitchen is arranged will primarily affect the flow of your tasks, even when rushing. Having overhead wall-mounted cupboards with see-through glass doors would be extremely helpful because you would see everything inside, making it easier to locate precisely what you need for your impromptu dish.

Magnet Jars and Bread Boxes

Magnet jars and bread boxes are two more convenient and storage-saving tips you can apply to your kitchen. Magnet jars are jars with magnetic caps that you can stick to your wall or the refrigerator, or anywhere you wish to put a magnetic surface. Magnetic jars are perfect for easy access to spices, seasonings, or other ingredients such as beans and peas.

If you are more comfortable with magnetic tins, there is also that option. Magnetic containers function the same way as magnetic jars, except they have stronger magnets, and sets of magnetic tins usually include labels making them easier to organize. The downside with most magnetic tins is that they do not twist open as quickly as magnetic jars.

Bread boxes are another great addition to your kitchen. Bread boxes are specifically designed to store bread. These boxes are great for storing bread because they help preserve the quality of your loaves compared to just keeping them in cupboards.

Keep Your Kitchen Organized 

Though the mentioned kitchen accessories above help organize kitchens, you still have to put them to good use and organize what you put in them. For example, if you decide to get overhead wall-mounted cupboards for your kitchen, you could dedicate one to solely store cutlery while you can reserve the other for cookware.

The same goes for hanging baskets; you can dedicate one basket to fruits while you dedicate the others to vegetables or spices. Whatever storage you install in your kitchen, ensure that the contents are organized to avoid a cluttered and difficult to navigate your kitchen.

Small Functional Spaces Are Great Kitchen Spaces 

Having a big kitchen is not always great for everybody. Perhaps you live alone or have a small family; you could always choose a smaller-sized, more functional kitchen than a larger one. With the additions mentioned above, you could opt for a more compact-style kitchen with enough storage space for you or your family that could help keep the area organized and convenient for cooking.

What To Remember

The five mentioned tips above are great methods you can apply to your kitchen to de-clutter and save space. The tips will not just help you to maximize your kitchen space, but they will also help you to keep it organized. An organized kitchen with enough storage space can make your cooking life more manageable and convenient.

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