Effective Hacks for a Small Space Kitchen

Effective Hacks for a Small Space Kitchen

An efficient kitchen is a functional kitchen. Often, homemakers equate a good and functional kitchen to the space allotted to this area in the house. However, there are instances when a larger space may not be an option. The truth is, the real value of functionality of any kitchen relies on the materials and tools found in it. At times, even the smallest kitchen with the most limited space can be as functional as its larger counterparts. The key to such a form of functionality is the essential tools necessary to make any kitchen work. Therefore, aside from simply having the suitable materials available, increasing workspace is also a practical solution to creating a more functional kitchen area.
Small spaces are often known for having much smaller working areas. To resolve this issue, you may consider these basic space hacks:

Kitchen Hacks
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ONE: Wall-mount spice racks

Spices in small bottles or packets may create clutter in the kitchen if they are not in their proper places. No matter how small, such a mess may make an unnecessary nuisance. This will get your attention off your kitchen work to the frustration you may have regarding not having enough workspace.

This does not need to be the case all the time. The truth is, these small spices can be kept within practical storage that will not only widen your workspace but will also add to your kitchen’s ambiance.

Wall-mount spice racks are one of the most effective solutions to small-kitchen spaces and are recommended for those who want their spices within an easy-to-reach distance from their cooking space. Be careful, though, that you do not place your wall-mounted spice racks too close to your cooking space as the heat from the stove or your cooking area may affect the quality and flavor of your spices.

It is most practical to choose spice racks with small spice bottles. This will make it easier for the spices to be kept stylishly without compromising space. Besides increasing your kitchen’s aesthetic value, it is also a great solution to putting everything in its proper place and their right area that would be much easier to get to when preparing and cooking your meals.

TWO: Mounted Wire Baskets

Wire baskets give an illusion of space while still providing necessary storage for the materials and tools that may not have their proper space in the kitchen. The great thing about wire baskets is that they offer a relatively free option for those looking for extra kitchen storage.

These wire baskets can be mounted to the wall or front of an already existing kitchen cabinet. The key to making sure it does not look much more cluttered is where you decide to mount the baskets.

A three-tiered wire basket could be an excellent fit for small space kitchens that need extra storage.

THREE: Spinning Kitchen Utensil Rack

Some opt to use wall-hooks to store their kitchen utensils. However, some feel that this option does not fit the ambiance they want to make for their kitchen. A tidier option would be to use spinning kitchen utensil racks.

This kitchen storage hack allows kitchen utensils to be kept stylishly in one space. In addition, the dedicated space for each utensil makes it easier for anyone to access these tools with just one spin of the rack.

What to Look for When Buying Storage Hacks for Your Kitchen

Quality is a critical factor to consider. Often, homemakers make the mistake of buying cheap storage hacks because they feel that these materials will only be considered for a short time. However, if you choose the right quality of storage hacks to use in your kitchen, there is a clear possibility that these solutions will last for a much longer time.

Color and style is also a factor to consider. When picking for a small space kitchen, you need to consider that the space and color of anything you put into the area will primarily affect the ambiance of your workspace. Therefore, it is best to choose a color with a pastel base to ensure that the storage fits any existing style in your kitchen.

Check for reviews from those who may have bought the item before you did. Their comments and feedback would do so much to tell you what the product is about and how you can better make use of these storage hacks you choose to purchase.

In many cases, if you are looking to buy your storage hacks online, you are given a chance to clear things with your seller. This way, you can ask your seller about essential issues about quality, proper use, delivery, and other things you may be specifically concerned about before making your purchase.


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